Free Online Classroom by Kengele Childrens Magazine.

During this difficult period, Kengele childrens magazine introduces a new e-learning platform targeting teachers and their students for free to help your children to stay safe and at home. You do not need to signup to use the platform. The tutor only needs to create a classroom by specifcying a classroom id (any random number) and password for use by students to join the class.

Through the platform, the teacher can video call as well as chat with the students in reall time. Even more amazing the platform has a whiteboard that is shared in real time with the students. The whiteboard has marker pen, shapes and also allows addition of images and pdf files to the white for better illustrations to students. The lesson space is easy to use and contains all the functionalities necessary for most disciplines.

Enjoy the platform as we keep safe STAY AT HOME STAY SAFE

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