The Environment, How to Make the Connection with your Children

As with all other behaviors, we wish to teach to our children, interacting with the environment works
well when you start small, being an example to them and lastly engage in hands on activities.
Here are the ways in which you can encourage your children to be more concerned and care about the environment.
One start but small things such as conserving water, this can be done when they are doing less engaging activities like when brushing their teeth, to close the taps while they are not using rather than leaving the water flowing.
Start a garden, kids tend to enjoy outdoor activities more, start with small window box flowers, and then slowly move to backyard garden to grow some vegetables, which you can involve them in the harvest and finally cooking, this will motivate your kids even when they are teenager and later in life as adult.
Avoid disposable; when the kids have garbage that they want to dispose of encourage them to find the nearest litter bins instead of throwing in the street, in the park or even natural area around them.
Allow the kids to get In touch with nature. Go for walks together to the forest and protected areas as much as possible. Walk together and explain the importance of caring for the environment which will allow them to enjoy the natural beauty for longer. You can lead by example not all trips necessarily need a car you can walk to a family outing. Lastly give your kids and experience as gifts go the museums, art institute and archives this will give them a lasting experience compared to toys which they get over the after a while or they outgrow that particular toy.

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