-> When reading, cuddle with your baby. Make her feel that reading is warm, relaxing and fun.

-> The best way to read books to your baby is to do this in a style that holds his interest, which stimulates his brain.

->Read slowly, use a lilting singsong voice and exaggerated emphasis on important elements on the book, such as a key event (“Look at the cat climbing up the tree!”) or a character (“That’s a cat, it says “meow”.)

->Do not feel awkward for acting silly while reading. In fact, this is a must to hold your baby’s interest and engage his imagination. Use different voices, body movements, and sound effects.

-> When choosing books to read to your baby, make sure that the texts are simple, and the sentences not too complicated. Rhymes work best since at this stage, you are reading for ear appeal, rather than comprehension.

-> Rhymes are a type of sound that the young brain craves. One word per page books are good too since these books help in starting to build your baby’s spoken vocabulary.

-> A great idea for a book-reading activity is to choose books that stimulate games like peek-a-boo, touch-and-feel, moving pop-up elements through tabs, and revealing surprises within hidden little flaps. These books teach additional concepts like textures, object permanence, and cause and effect. Encourage baby participation, like making her point to the objects on the book, or make her imitate the sound you make.

-> You can also suggest to your baby to turn the book by herself.

-> Choose books that have big, bright, realistic but simple pictures of familiar subjects such as animals, familiar house objects, toys, and people.

-> When giving books for your baby to play, choose those that are sturdy. They are those that are laminated cardboard pages with round edges, or soft cloth books that can lie flat.

-> Make reading a regular activity, doing it a few minutes at least twice a day, when she’s quiet but alert, and already been fed. This way it becomes a habit, and part of your baby’s routine. Make sure that your baby is receptive to the reading activity, and she does not want to do something else like actively crawling or banging on pots.

-> Finally, let your baby see you read. Your baby is more affected by seeing what you do than what you say. This will give your baby an early impression that reading is an important part of life. When nursing or giving your baby a bottle, show your baby that you are reading, or you may even read a few pages out loud.

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