How to Asher kids into holiday mood.

School will be closing in a weeks time or so, It will be holiday time With lots of fun activities . It easy for children to carried away into the magic of the holiday with lots of presents, a vocation from school and lots of freedom.For most families during this time children get tried sad and full of emotions.
Will share with you a few tips to keeps your child happy and ready for this season and whatever it has to offer.
Getting child a Gift during this season is important but it not the only thing that this season has to offer. As adults we know that Gift is a way of giving a present this should also be passed on to the child hence creating more generous mood. Let's the child help out, it holiday season and there could be a lot of other activities which are up, let them help out. Do not let them be glued to computer games for hours, let's them help in the kitchen like preparing small stuff and setting up the table. Make the child feel they are included and not left out. Keep routine, When children are used to routine they might find the long holiday season boring. Keep a few routine like meal time, bed time and bath, this will make it easy for them to adjust to the normal school routine and schedule . Lastly make a point of preparing your child for back to school gear this is toward the end of the holidays seasons. During the this time remind them of their school home work if any, prepare them psychologically and lastly make sure they are ready and in back to school mood.

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