Caring for one newborn is overwhelming enough, so it can seem downright impossible when you add a second baby to the mix. But with patience and some time-tested tricks and tips, you can successfully care for twin babies and maintain your sanity.

Here, are do's and don'ts for caring for twin babies.

DO Sync Their Schedules Getting your twins on the same feeding and napping schedule is essential. Otherwise you'll constantly be feeding babies, with Twin A ready to eat just as Twin B goes down for a nap.

The best way to synchronize schedules? When one infant wakes up to feed, wake the other one up as well. This is the one time where the 'rule' about never waking a sleeping baby needs to be broken. It is recommended getting a twin feeding pillow to make it easier to nurse or bottle-feed both twins at once.

DONT Separate Older Twin Babies Once your twins are sleeping through the night, it may be tempting to put them in separate rooms so they won't wake each other. But that will only teach them to rely on total silence to stay asleep. "Let the babies sleep in the same room to get used to each other's crying . They'll learn to sleep through anything. If only you could do the same!

DO Connect With Other Twin Mom. set up play dates together, have moms' nights out and support one another.

DONT Double Up on Everything Two babies means two of everything, right? Not necessarily. You never know what your babies are going to like. So start with one swing or bouncer, then buy another if you need it. More often than not, you'll find you can get by with only one of each. Of course, you will need two car seats, cribs and other essentials.

DO Choose Gender-Neutral Clothing Though you're probably eager to clothe your little princess in pretty pinks, dressing boy-girl twins will be much easier in the early months if you opt for unisex onesies and sleepers. It saves so much money and sorting efforts.

DON'T Get Clothing With Lots of Snaps Opt for zippers over snaps, Every second counts when you have two!

DO Buy Baby Essentials Online Twin babies go through diapers, wipes and other everyday items at lightning speed. No panicking when the diaper supply gets low, no carting giant boxes through the store, no unloading the car . Get everything delivered in less than 48 hours

DON'T Go in Alone Caring for twin babies is a lot of work. There are two mouths to feed, two sets of diapers to change and two different cries to soothe. So don't be afraid to get help from friends, family or a nanny.


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