DREAMS(Determined, Resilient, Empowered, Aids Free, Mentors, save life) is a multi intervention program aimed at reducing the rate of new HIV infection among young girls and women in subsaharan Africa. Implementations of Dreams program in Korogoch was initiated by LVCT in 2015. Since then Lvct has been committed to reducing HIV infections among Young girls and Women.

One of the approach used is the utilization of Safe spaces where young girls are mentored and are given the opportunity to discusses their issuess without feeling judged.

Safe spaces are usually in school and out of school where by through the help of a mentor young girls can explore opportunities and better their lives through the awareness building process. Issues of governance as well as sociall issues such as the challenge girls go through in Korogoch is are also addressed.

One feature that the safe spaces have is homogeneity where by girls of similar trait ranging from literacy to social factors; for instance all girls who are in high school are placed in the same safe space because they are likely to share the same challenges and same dreams.

Safe spaces are very important most especially for a girl child cause unlike boys, girls have fewer meeting places, Their vulnerability is also another factor.

Some of the issues addressed in safe space is matters of menstruation health, this is due to the fact that most girls not just in Korogoch but across the country are not able access sanitary towels. Safe spaces caters for the needs of girls in Korogoch by providing them with appropriate menstrual health information and even facilitate provision of the sanitary towels.Other issues addressed are matters of rape especially that Korogoch is a slum which makes the girls be more vulnerable.

Social protection and care has been made effective through utilization of Safe spaces. It's through the safe spaces that the needs of each girl is understood and hence appropriate approach is undertaken. Through safe spaces girls who have issues with school fees have been provided with surpot. Girls who feel that the are bussiness oriented are also provided with entrepreneurship skills. Other girls are also provided with technical skills to help them better.

Public participation is also another engagement that is addressed in safe spaces in Korogoch. Through safe spaces in Korogoch young girls see the need to involve themselves in public participation. One of the activities that DREAM girls have engaged in is the monthly clean up activity that was initiated by county government, through the activity virtues such as team work are learned.

By Rita Anindo


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